A work in progress personal but incorrect etymology?

A forethought: When I was young, from about the age of seven to twelve or so, I had a wonderful english tutor named Melissa. At the age of seven I had moved from Uruguay to the States and knew virtually zero english. Perhaps I knew how to say hello? Not sure. Either way, Melissa employed many techniques to help me learn, and while starting up this list I have remembered a good one! When I would encounter a word that was not in my vocabulary and I would ask what this meant…

The first differences I feel and think about when using Procreate, Looom, Photoshop and Illustrator (sometimes Animate)

who am i? → Anna a longtime novice-ish user of the Adobe platforms mentioned above and a newly introduced user to Procreate and Looom. Check out my stuff.

I do not know many of the tricks and tips for the Adobe platforms, just the stuff that I can get quickly through by googling or someone showing me IRL (ie I’m not a big tutorial-er).

It’s interesting, after exposure to all 4 tools, to think about the UI/UX, accessibility, availability levels of varied functionality…

In this blog I will explain how one can integrate the Ml5.js library with Three.js to create an interactive app that will allow the user to use their face to move rendered 3D objects.

In its simplest form Three.js allows you to create a scene with a background and shapes positioned on an XYZ coordinate system. The Three.js documentation and many blogs out there do a great job of getting one started with this.

With some simple shapes in a scene you can then animate them by creating a function that calls “requestAnimationFrame” within it and renders your renderer. Below…

Anna Kaplan

Software Engineer & Artist

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