My ITP Camp 2021 Blog

Hello, I am taking part in ITP camp 2021 and I will be blogging a bit about it.

June 5, 2021

this is the beginning of my ITP blog. Starting it the day after orientation, but I missed the orientation so my activity is to watch the recorded version.

Getting a feel for what ITP will be:

ITP counselors seem to embrace the idea of the causality of camp. It’s purposefully built as a lose creative space enabling the participant, or camper to scale the extent to which this can be a leisurely experience for them.

RSVPing etiquette
It’s not a conference and that idea is clear. Its activities are constructed mainly by campers (participants) with a light backbone of counselor-led activities. I find it particularly interesting the emphasis on “considerate RSVPing.” Counselors urge campers to rsvp to sessions that a camper would most likely attend. The goal is to prevent the occurrence of a disheartening experience of finding no one came to the session you were going to lead. Or to find that you prepared for a large group but only 1 person shows up.

Feeling guilty at this moment because I rsvped to a lot of sessions I know I won’t be actually making. Time to do a little RSVP cleaning.

Zoom considerations
Zoom considerations are also highlighted in the ITP camp orientation. It’s still a covid-19 world and zoom is where all the sessions are taking place. Counselors ask campers to make sessions shorter than 2 hours and to not keep participants in front of a computer too long. Counselors also ask campers to keep zoom videos private and say those zoom recordings will eventually expire.

Is ITP Camp a product?
One of the final messages is that camp is not a product. Counselors tell us that if there is a change we want to see we should think about how we can activate that change. That's ok, it's cool but still, I’m thinking that it is a product — I had to pay to participate. The statement feels like a juxtaposition of ideas and reminds me of the book Against Creativity. Parts of the book make the argument that creativity is often exploited/commercialized by capitalistic systems and in some complex format, ITP camp is a creative space that is sold to me, even if I take part in building that space.

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